General Farm Rules

* No smoking in or near any building. If you must smoke, do so by your vehicle
and take your butts with you.

* Small children must be supervised. No running or shouting in the barn or around the horses. You WILL be asked to leave if your small children are allowed to run free.

* Proper closed toed shoes are required for anyone around horses. Riders must wear boots with a heel and an ASTM certified helmet.

Trailer-In Rules

*General rules apply.

* Take your trash, hay, and manure with you when you leave.

* Obey signs and directions of the staff.

* Do not drive on any grass except for the parking field.

* Keep pets on leashes.

Competition Rules

* General and trailer-in rules apply.

* There will be a $25.00 returned check fee.

* Holiday Stables will only accept cash the day of the show.

* There will be a $20.00 lost piney fee for shows.

* If you want the photographers to take pictures of you, you must sign up before hand.

* There is no refund if the show is cancelled due to weather. You may get 50% credit towards another show if there is no rain date.

* There is no refund for scratches made after the closing date of the event. If an entry is scratched before the closing date, rider can apply 50% of the entry fee toward another Holiday Stables event. Changes made after the closing date will cost an additional $20.

* Warm up your horse in designated areas only.


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